We at CI Solutions take pride in helping clients seamlessly implement true spirited continuous improvement. Our work in this area spans both the technical and people aspects of continuous improvement, all while impacting the culture and the people responsible for conducting the improvements. We see both the technical and people aspects being critical to the long term sustainment of the improvements made through CI.

We practice all aspects/ tools of CI from the most basic lean work (like visual management/ 5S through Kaizen and VSM) to the most complex statistical based problem solving (like process characterization through DOE, regression analysis and non-parametrics). We are equally comfortable navigating teams to solve issues in transactional and manufacturing environments.

Specifically, we practice Lean (Kaizen), Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC), Six Sigma (DMAIC), Theory of Constraints (TOC), Total Quality Management (TQM), Training Within Industry (TWI), Toyota Kata, Statistical Process Control (SPC), the 8 Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) and Change Leadership. We train, coach and certify all levels of approaches from Lean Practitioner to Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Black Belt as well as Champions.

One big part of our work with your people is that we teach them how to utilize the scientific method to approach process improvement. Simply put, we help people learn how to stop jumping to conclusions- to slow down, truly take apart the process, analyze it and put it back together in an improved way.

We help others see continuous improvement through the following ideals.

  1. Don’t let perfect get in the way of better.

  2. It’s not necessarily someone’s fault; somewhere the

  3. process let us down.

  4. Go to Gemba (the place where value is created).

  5. Go see for yourself.

  6. Challenge the thought (process).

  7. Involve everyone- no rank among team members- gain deep buy-in.

  8. You can’t be both the arsonist and volunteer fire fighter.

Our Expertise:​

  • Lean​

  • Lean Six Sigma​

  • Design for Six Sigma​

  • Kata ​

  • Training Within Industry (TWI)​

  • Quality Tools​

  • Theory of Constraints​

  • Agile​

  • Design Thinking​

  • Lean Canvas​

  • Process Automation (RPA)​

  • Big Data Analytics​

  • Process Modeling​

  • Change Leadership​

  • Soft Skills