A critical aspect of any organizational change is ensuring the people are both empowered AND equipped to drive improvement and more continuous improvement (CI) on their own.  We conduct engaging and inspiring mentoring/ coaching in both face-to-face settings as well as remote/ virtual environments.​ We provide custom and specific coaching for organizations as they begin to do more and more continuous improvement (CI) on their own.

We possess world class champion and executive coaching and mentoring skills that can quickly teach leaders how to select, equip and utilize the people in their organizations to learn the craft of continuous improvement. Often, these coaching principles are taught through Gemba Walks and Kata.

In addition, we are known to get our hands dirty working side by side with the people in the trenches driving process improvement very close to the customer. One of our largest clients has been quoted saying “they aren’t consultants; they are partners.” We are humbled and proud of their statement as it tells us that our focus on being good servant leaders is paying off.

Ultimately, the coaching and mentoring we provide guarantees a safety net to ensure that all the hard work you’ve put in to implement CI is not wasted and viewed as another flavor of the day.