We dedicate our business to God and as such, he has asked us to assist organizations that do not typically pursue strategy and continuous improvement, namely churches, missions and non profits. We focus on helping them define their TruNorth all while driving process improvement.

For non-profits, it is all about stretching already thin resources.  So continuous improvement (CI) is an obvious gap closer.  However, non-profits also are prevented in many ways from developing these skills.​

​That’s where GBI (God’s Breakthrough Initiative) steps in.  We will work with you to assess your current state, suggest a path forward and then support you and your organization along the way as you realize progress toward achieving your breakthrough mission and vision.​

​And the tools that work in business, work extremely well in non-profits, after all organizations are just a collection of individuals with a common goal and purpose.​

​Finally, we are blessed on the for profit side of our business to offset our costs.  (last sentence is slide in here)​

Our work is sometimes 100% pro-bono, and sometimes completed at a reduced rate. We focus on both domestic as well as international organizations.