Bring us your toughest problem facing you and we’ll work with you, leading the effort to solve it. Although teaching you and your organization why will not be the primary goal, it will still be achieved as we share why we are doing what we are doing while navigating the team through the steps to understand the root cause(s).

Being students of Ishikawa, Shingo, Ohno, Womack, Deming, Shewhart, Box, Hunter, Shanin, Goldratt and many many others, we realize that we possess much information of both what works and what does not work. When we work on your challenge, we are bringing forth all of our collective experience (from our own school of hard knocks to experience brought to us from many others) to help quickly get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.

Often our engagements are a blend of both onsite and remote work, working directly with your assigned team members to learn and take action. We provide updates and briefings about the project status as needed to the leadership, and are happy to do the actual hands-on project work ourselves.​

  • We have conducted large enterprise level improvement projects for food, manufacturing and transactional firms. Some examples include: ​

  • Client’s customer reported a major contamination in raw material. We helped the organization discover the root causes and implement sustainable and long-lasting countermeasures to prevent reoccurrence.​

  • Client reported excessive failure rates and sliding market share for a product they made. We lead a DMAIC project that included many DOE’s, capability studies and measurement systems analyses to get to the root causes and optimize their process.​

  • Client reported an increase in a particular failure mode in their internal defect pareto charting but due to machine complexity, had been unable to identify and address the issues at hand. We helped them understand all the critical factors across their equipment, identify the factors that truly mattered, optimize the process and reduce their defect rate.​

  • Government client reported a lack of understanding of their flow of data. We lead the initiative to identify all the links and nodes and to also identify, address and optimize all their data flow constraints.​

Leave the navigating to us and prepare to enjoy a better process.