For us, developing a continuous improvement culture is all about helping people in the process see it for themselves.  We possess a special knack for people at all levels of your business see why, what and how for building a sustaining a CI Culture.​

Our approach is simple: We set up experiences all across our engagements with you to help people learn new concepts, but then right away, see the why.  We find that change is easy when people see the why for themselves and put to practice what they learn.​

​This includes the custom creation and installation of your very own Production System (analogous to the Toyota Production System).  Processes and policies necessary for building and sustaining the CI Culture are crafted, refined and deployed leaving you with a best-in-class self-sustaining system that will stand the test of time.​

​Being students of Shingo, we recognize the best ideas are those that come from the people in the process.  This means for us that although we might have a 90% good solution, that is we tell someone to execute, they may only own it 10%.  However, if someone we are helping comes up with a 60% good solution, we will encourage them to implement it because they will own it 80-90% because it is their idea.  This is the secret we believe to building a strong CI Culture.​