Meet the Team

Chad Smith

Applies continuous improvement methodologies to help organizations leverage their scarce human and material resources through breakthrough improvements. Chad has 18 years of Continuous Improvement experience in retail, manufacturing, refining, high-tech and food. He has led and guided process and product improvements for Wal-Mart, Gates, ExxonMobil and Black and Decker. Chad’s leadership experience includes quality management for Black and Decker utilizing Continuous Improvement tools as the enabler for breakthrough improvements. This experience is underpinned with an in-depth application of strategy deployment and metrics to drive and measure progress.

Richard Maclin

ASQ CSSBB #13797

Richard Maclin has over 25 years of quality assurance and continuous improvement experience. He has served various industries in roles specializing in Quality Assurance, Supplier Development, Continuous Improvement, and Operations. Throughout his career he has helped companies grow their bottom line by identifying and eliminating variation and other non-value-added activity. His success is the result of strategic process improvement techniques like Lean Six Sigma, Process Automation, and Strategy Deployment.

Brian Karp

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - ASQ Cert #16441

Brian is a hands-on leader who strives to do change with people and not to people. His teaching and coaching style allows teams to gain a deeper understanding of their processes and identify sustainable ideas that deliver break-through improvements.

Justin Plutino

Kevin Keller

Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1984 and a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics from The Ohio State University in 1989. He is a certified Master Black Belt through Moresteam, Inc in conjunction with The Ohio State University (just by coincidence!!!). Throughout his career at MEMC and AB-InBev, he assisted people in non-traditional areas in using continuous improvement tools to solve problems, such as Legal, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, Finance, etc.


Has over 20 years of experience in continuous improvement across industries such as Technology, Consumer Products (CPG), Finance, Healthcare, Entertainment, Energy, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, and Logistics. At EY, Will served his clients in their continuous improvement strategies, including transformation projects, training, cost optimization, and automation protocols. He’s led engagements for large multinational corporations resulting in over 100 million in client results.


Has over 30 years of leadership, project/program management, and continuous improvement experience across both private and public sector market spaces. Kirk’s work experiences and responsibilities range from 23+ years serving as an active duty U.S. Marine Corps Officer to 16+ years as Senior Program Manager with one of America’s oldest professional management consulting and technology innovation firms.

Bob Kollm

Delivers value at every opportunity. Bob is a tenacious and methodical problem solver who is passionate about people. Utilizing Quality tools and continuous improvement methodologies to help organizations realize breakthrough improvements in resource constrained, outcome oriented environments is the hallmark of Bob’s success. Bob has 10+ years of Continuous Improvement experience serving in various roles throughout multiple industries including furnishings, retail, food service, aviation, healthcare, and government.